Herbal Fruit Infused Water Recipes

I just discovered fruit infused water.

I used to be addicted to diet soda. The addiction started way back in middle school when I started to struggle with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, and I was tired all the time. I also realized around that time that milk made me feel terrible, and I stopped drinking it.

I drink a lot of tea, but I’ve just planted a herb garden. I wanted to incorporate more herbs into my diet and keep my herbs trimmed to a reasonable size.

I saw a discussion on a Facebook group about fruit infused water using herbs, and I made a list of them in my bullet journal. I still have yet to try most of them, but I had strawberry basil stevia water yesterday (actual whole fresh stevia leaves). It was delicious.

Herbal fruit water list in bullet journal from seventimesbrighter.com


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