Commenter Style Changes

I added a few plugins to hopefully help commenters to feel more at home. It should be easier to register as a subscriber, as well as add a custom avatar. …

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Isolation - Problems with Christian Singles Ministry

Isolation — Problems with Christian Singles Ministry

Church singles ministries are often unhealthy because they are isolated from the rest of the church. Many singles also feel individually isolated, like the church has abandoned them. Have you …

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"Scanning the Crowd" by Ken Whytock, Problems with Singles Ministries

Poor Leadership — Problems with Singles Ministries

There tend to be a few key problems with singles ministries, but overall, poor leadership is the number one problem I see with most church singles ministries. Lack of oversight …

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Christian Singles Ministries

Church Singles Ministries Series

Over the next few weeks, I will be outlining the problems I see with singles ministries, and what churches can do to fix some of those problems and strengthen their …

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A door

Testing the foundation

I’ve been fascinated with survival shelters and primitive shelters lately. What if I one day was in a situation where I needed to build myself a survival shelter? How would …

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